Our Most Powerful Centrifuge Yet. The CS30-4 Capability - The synergy or power combined with mobile flexibility. Reduce Development Time - Support form concept to product delivery. Always up and running - A complete inventory of replacement parts, available when you need them Modern Facilities Experience Resource Centers

Centrisys develops the most advanced centrifuge dewatering systems in the world, capable of delivering the highest quality application solutions for most industries including: municipal and industrial wastewater, sludge dewatering, beverage, dairy, food, fish, starch technology, chemical and pharmaceutical, oilfield, drilling mud, tank bottoms, slop oils, remediation, rendering, cow,chicken and pig manure, oily wastes.

Read the Waste Water Dewatering, Wastewater Thickening and Food case studies above to see how we not only delivered, but increases effectiveness and efficiency for our customers in the process.

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